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We are looking to wake our guild up with new fresh blood! Check us out.

Welcome to ACE. We are a Republic guild on SW:TOR On The Harbinger server. If you are interested in joining us or have any questions don't hesitate to ask any member and post in the forums
by Girpy on Apr 17, 2012 at 10:56 PM
New Server as of March 2014.

Download the client from: Link Here!

Server Address:

What's New
2 days
Haywood added a forum thread

Coming to SWGEmu

I'm in the process of installing SWG and if all goes well I should be playing today. Just checking to see if anyone still plays and if so what faction/server is everyone playing on.
12 days
Polar added a forum post


Thanx guys and will do
12 days
Iquem Tega added a forum post


Hey Polar! Happy to see that you are holding strong! I agree with Arc, take care of number one, and join us when you can!Talk with you sometime soon!
13 days
JoshuArc added a forum post


Sounds like a war I would have a hard time fighting, stay strong brother and try and keep your head up. Sorry for your loses. We miss you and look forward to having you around again some time man! Take care of number one then come back to us when ...
16 days
Polar added a forum thread


Hello brothers as you can tell by this post i am not dead as of yet but i have been having a rough time as of this last 2 years first i lost my mom then my kids moved out on me and about 2 months ago my leg was cut off so yeah its been bad so i ha...
23 days
Iquem Tega added a forum post

Rebuilding, Re-branding, Restructuring need help

#9858262 Grecko or MrHarmon wrote:Im alive! but only for SWGEmu!GRECKO!!!!I'm also alive in the EMU. You should hop in mumble from time to time!
24 days
Grecko or MrHarmon added a forum post

Rebuilding, Re-branding, Restructuring need help

Im alive! but only for SWGEmu!
1 month
Jev added a forum post

GW2 Dead?

GW2 has been dead for a while now. Like a year?
3 months
Iquem Tega added a forum post

WildStar Anyone?

For anyone that is playing, or wants to play wildstar, Arc, Iste, and myself are on the Pergo server, Dominion side.We found a good guild to play with, and they are damn good players.If you want to give it a try, we have guest passes to lend out.H...
3 months
Diabetes added a forum post

Rebuilding, Re-branding, Restructuring need help

Poke and prod me and I'll play. If you guys ever decide to get on, feel free to text me. My number is 6616071760. I miss all of you clown dicks and want to reunite with everyone. <3 your favorite once annoying pre-teen and now even more anno...